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White Water FX for FLIP Fluids

White Water FX for FLIP Fluids

To create a CG waterfall, Houdini's FLIP Fluid solver is the ideal tool for generating moving particles which are then surfaced to look like water. But when rendered, this surface does not show the underlying motion very well because the flow of the particles is hard to visualize. This is because secondary effects such as white water and splashes play a big role in enhancing the base simulation.

In This Webinar:

This webinar introduces you to the power and ease-of-use of using FLIP fluids in Houdini. Senior Production Consultant Judith Crow introduces you to the power of Houdini 12's faster solver and explores some of its key features. She then demonstrates how without secondary effects the waterfall effect falls flat.

Artist Scott Keating then discusses how he used the velocity and surface fields generated by the FLIP fluid sim to generate white water effects. He shows you how an artist can create these effects using Houdini's node-based workflow.