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Procedural Environment System UDK ( Graduation Project )

Procedural Environment System UDK ( Graduation Project )

The following video is a demonstration of my Graduation Project,
the entire level presented was created in just one hour.*
*excluding lighting build times in UDK.


The tool is designed to create and decorate environments based on minimal input artistic from the user / leveldesigner.
but without taking away control.( like random level generators do.) The geometry is fully procedural and can be edited anytime;
the rest of the procedure will automatically update.

The tool is mostly based on volumes and projection to create the main shape.
It supports tunnels, landbridges, alcoves, etc and has been designed to go more then vertical,
further than heightmaps can. (also with much less UV distortion)

One does not need to use curves as a input, premodeled geometry or planes work as well.
The asset placement is not limited to trees but can export any static mesh's location, rotation, scale
or any other attributes from Houdini to the UDK.
This exporter was written by Jan Pijpers.

No manual readjusting was done to the level,
although this is possible both procedurally in Houdini or manually for specific objects in the UDK.