houdini tutorial database



chapter 0

- final render
- presentation
- file overview
- otls and other external dependencies

chapter 1

- subnetworks
- copy sop
- adding noise
- project on ground
- use copy sop to work on one curve at a time
- select only towers close to curve
- deform curve
- tweak curve shape when far from towers
- duplicate the curves with copy sop
- speed per curve
- adding spheres for visualisation
- overview
- creating attributes
- speed variation using CHOP s

chapter 2

- intro
- download and convert
- load a mocap clip
- tweak the expressions
- create a skeleton otl
- see how many characters we can load at the same time
- prevent things from going too slow using performance monitor
- easily switch clip using python
- set up copy SOP
- display numbers above each character
- picking interesting clips
- optional setups to pick clips even more easily
- how all clip ids are used
- changes made
- making one clip cycle
- create an otl for easier trimming

chapter 3

- find the average speed of a clip using CHOP s
- fix wrong frame rate
- create dummy points
- copy into final scene
- create a geometry containing all speed to use a reference
- instanciate the characters on the point, with the clip depending on the point speed
- two new problems to solve
- understanding what need to be done
- apply the z offset
- add a toggle
- getting triggers when index changes in CHOP s
- limit the number of clip changes
- blend between clips
- create a second skeleton OTL to handle blend
- plug the system into the particle from chapter 1
- enjoy the full procedurality of this system