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Pyro - Shape Settings Wedge Tests

Pyro - Shape Settings Wedge Tests

Did some quick wedges of the new H12 Pyro shaping settings over the weekend. Thought it might be useful for all the other Houdini users out there as well.

These are fairly low res simulations of about 2.6MV (cell size=0.08) with resizing enabled.

Tests were done on an Intel Core i7, 4 CPUs @ 2.67GHz with Hyper Threading, 16GB RAM, GeForce GTS 250.

OpenCL option was NOT used as there was not enough VRAM to run these sims.

Cache saving was done on background thread, so the timings recorded shouldn't include time taken to save caches.

Unfortunately I only have time for viewport flipbooks instead of Mantra renders, so there are artifacts like noticeable voxels etc. However these should still give you a good idea on how each of the major settings affect your Pyro sim.

Observations from these wedges:

i) There is an associated cost with using these shaping tools, so turn on only the ones that you need.
From cheapest to most expensive (according to my wedge tests):
sharpening, dissipation, shredding, turbulence, confinement, disturbance

ii) Some of these shaping tools change the overall shape of the sim
Shape changing: shredding, turbulence
Shape preserving: dissipation, disturbance, sharpening, confinement

Overall, I think SideFX has done a great job once again at simplifying Pyro usage with these shaping attributes (it didn't use to be so simple in H11).

Hope you find these wedge tests useful!