houdini tutorial database

Tittle Category Author Operator Tag
Mograph Effects cmiVFX SOP chop
Controlling your Fractures Dynamics Digital Tutors DOP -
HIP Tricks Volume V Compositing cmiVFX COP -
PM - M05 - Flora part1 Modeling Side Effects SOP l system
PM - M04 - Buildings part 2 Modeling Side Effects SOP hda asset
PM - M03 - Buildings part 1 Modeling Side Effects SOP -
PM - M02 - Ultimate Gears Modeling Side Effects SOP python
Street Flood Research and Development Dynamics Voxel Forge DOP -
Computer Assisted Animation of Line and Paint in Disney Paperman Technical Papers Disney none advection
Blood Splash Dynamics Ivan Pulido Suarez DOP -
baking transforms to world space in houdini General Toadstorm CHOP -
PM - M01 - Hoses and Pipes Modeling Side Effects SOP -
Mixamo to Houdini Cloth unclassed Side Effects SOP -
Masterclass - Cloth Character Side Effects DOP -
FLIP Viscosity part I II & III Dynamics Flick765 DOP -
Pixie Dust Effects CG Spectrum POP -
Fire Simulation Voxel Resolution Test Dynamics Skeel Lee DOP -
Pyro - Shape Settings Wedge Tests Dynamics Skeel Lee DOP -
Procedural Smoke Trails Effects Johnnycorebrieee POP tag
PBR 45 to 3 min render time Rendering odForce none sample
Disintegrating Effects Rohan Dalvi SOP -
Mandelbrot set Technical Papers odForce VOP -
Build your own fluid solver Dynamics Andrew Schneider DOP -
Rigging Animation Fundamentals Character cmiVFX SOP -
SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 Press Fxguide none -
The Copy Loop Technique General Ryan Hurd SOP -
Network Relationships Vol 1 Dynamics cmiVFX DOP -
MasterClass : Bullet Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
Setting up the HDK for Houdini 12 with Visual Studio 2008 Dev A Pile of Grains none HDK
LSR11 - Camera Objects Rendering Side Effects ROP -
LSR10 - Non-GUI Rendering Rendering Side Effects ROP cloud
LSR09 - Creating An Efficient Lighting Pipelin Rendering Side Effects none tag
LSR08 - Procedurals Rendering Side Effects SHOP -
LSR07 - Mantra Render Engines Rendering Side Effects ROP -
LSR06 - Light Rig Rendering Side Effects SOP -
LSR05 - Light Objects Rendering Side Effects SOP -
Introduction to Houdini part I & II General Cg-Masters SOP tag
Particles Attract to Each Other Effects Side Effects Forum VOP point cloud dop
Point Clouds Effects Martin Sawtell VOP advection pop
Sourcing Sop Dynamics Claudio Pascariello DOP -
Introdution to Python & Houdini Dev Nelson Lim none -
Mathematic Generation Technical Papers Paul Nylander none mathematic
Cellular Automata Dev Artur VOP -
Ramp to Geometry Profile Modeling Earl J. Russell SOP expression revolve
Crownd Dev Guillaume Fradin none -
Dynamics Wet Map Dynamics Peter Quint DOP -
Passes Rendering Peter Quint COP -
World of Pictures Effects Eddy cg SOP -
3D Galaxy Creation Effects Effects cmiVFX POP -
Python Weather Widget Dev cmiVFX SOP python
Halloween Tutorial - Instancing Rendering Side Effects ROP -
Bonus Lesson - L-Systems Modeling Side Effects SOP -
LSR04 - Shader Development Rendering Side Effects VOP -
LSR03 - Custom Shaders Rendering Side Effects VOP -
LSR02 - Material Gallery Rendering Side Effects SHOP -
LSR01 - Scene Set-up Rendering Side Effects SOP -
Some notes about L-systems Modeling Toadstorm SOP -
Point instance procedural Rendering Side Effects Forum SOP -
Power of Gas Repeat Solver Dynamics Chumbuk DOP -
Motion Trails part I, II & III Effects Toadstorm CHOP -
merge object using level set Effects Side Effects Forum VOP vop
Levelsets in production: Spider-Man 3 ( siggraph 2007 ) Technical Papers Jonathan M. Cohen none tag
The Creation Desk General unknown none ui
High Resolution Explosion Dynamics odForce DOP -
Happy Rendering with VEX Dev Keita Maeda none -
Loop Flame Dynamics Peter Quint DOP chop
Pyro H12 I & II Dynamics Peter Quint DOP -
AI Vision System Effects cmiVFX VOP -
M12 - Compositing Compositing Side Effects COP -
Displace Volume Effects odForce VOP diplacement
Field3D Technical Papers Magnus Wrenninge none -
Voxel Deformers Effects Andrew Schneider VOP volumesample
L-System Modeling JC Lawrence SOP Axiom
Animating the profiles of fonts/text Animation Mathew Foscarini none -
foam and spray simulation Effects Slayerk VOP hot
Group primitives by comparison Effects odForce VOP -
Destruction & Fracture Dynamics Side Effects Forum DOP -
Procedural Environment System UDK ( Graduation Project ) Modeling Freek Hoekstra SOP -
3d Mandelbrot Primitive Modeling odForce VOP -
PyroFX - Volcano Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
M11 - Dynamics Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
Debris Systems Effects cmiVFX DOP -
Production Volume Rendering I & II (siggraph 2011) Rendering unknown none -
M10 - First Steps - Particles Effects Side Effects POP -
Path Line Modeling Georg Duemlein VOP -
Pills Scene I , II & III Rendering Peter Quint ROP -
Masterclass : Fluid Solvers from Scratch Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
M09 - Creating a Custom Shader Rendering Side Effects SHOP -
M08 - UVs and Materials Rendering Side Effects SOP -
M07 - Lights, Camera, Render Rendering Side Effects ROP -
M06 - Understanding Attributes & Variables General Side Effects SOP -
White Water FX for FLIP Fluids Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
Mantra - Waterfall Rendering Side Effects ROP -
M05 - Procedural Animation & Expressions Animation Side Effects CHOP -
Creating simple tornado motion using pointcloud Dynamics odForce DOP voppop vopdop
Camera Projection Techniques Rendering cmiVFX SOP tag
Drops system - Making of Effects vosiloB none -
Curves Modeling Peter Quint SOP -
Advanced Lighting Rendering Adrian Lazar ROP -
Directable Particles Effects cmiVFX POP -
Audio Driven Animation Animation cmiVFX CHOP -
Lights and related Shader and Render settings Rendering Adrian Lazar ROP -
The Art of Rendering Technical Papers Fxguide none -
Spherical Harmonics Rendering Matt Ebb VOP -
Geometry Solver - Footprints Effects Side Effects SOP ray
Masterclass - Mantra Rendering Rendering Side Effects ROP -
FLIP Fluid Waterfall Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
M04 - Traditional Animation tools Animation Side Effects CHOP -
M03 - Procedural Modeling And Digital Asset Creation Modeling Side Effects SOP -
M02 - UI & Modeling Modeling Side Effects SOP -
M01 - Intro Workshop General Side Effects none -
Ripple Effect DirtCheap Method Effects Khermah VOP -
Polar Coordinates aka Harmonics Technical Papers Khermah VOP -
TheRampParameter General Khermah VOP -
Trigonometric Functions I & II Technical Papers Khermah CHOP -
Bradley Gabe ICEcle - The_Vortex_Force part I & II Effects Khermah POP voppop
Pyro FX 2 Shader Videos Rendering Side Effects SHOP -
Pyro 2 Work Flow Examples Dynamics A Pile of Grains DOP -
Simulation of destructions ( workflow ) Dynamics Vladislav Tushevskiy DOP -
ColorMix H12 Dynamics Peter Quint DOP -
Smoke in H12 I,II & III Dynamics Peter Quint DOP -
A Method for Animating Viscoelastic Fluids ( siggraph 2004 ) Technical Papers Author none -
Elastic effect on flip fluids Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
obtain the same detail ... ( volcano ) Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
Open CL Settings Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
Houdini Grid Based Fluids And Dynamics Dynamics A Pile of Grains DOP -
The Ball-Pivoting Algorithm for Surface Reconstruction Technical Papers ibm Research none -
Reflectance Functions Technical Papers odForce none rsl vex
the Puffer – from digi to real Press Jupiter SOP -
Procedural Asteroid Hits part I II Effects Cg-Masters POP chops impact
Pyro Effects (HOU204) Dynamics Fxphd DOP -
Water Effect (HOU203) Dynamics Fxphd DOP -
Compile and debug your plugin for Houdini in Visual Studio 2005 Dev Milan Suk none hdk
Laser weapon - Making of Effects Emanuele Berti VOP tag
Two sticky mud balls Effects Emanuele Berti DOP tag
Settings Comparision in Pyro Dynamics ZeitG DOP advection viscosity temperature turbulence
Smoke Solver Dynamics blackchicken DOP visvosity buoyancy temperature vorticle
Connections Effects cmiVFX POP tag
Cache offset - Frame offset General TomsVfx SOP padzero
Shading with the Mantra Surface Shader Rendering Adrian Lazar SHOP -
Creating a Counting Frame Modeling Adrian Lazar SOP -
Animated polygons influenced by metaballs Effects Mathew Foscarini none foreach
Creating the Windows Mystify screensaver effect Effects Mathew Foscarini POP -
Creating dashed lines Modeling Mathew Foscarini SOP foreach
Creating a plant pot General Adrian Lazar none sun pbr
Basics: Subdivision Rendering Peter Quint SOP -
Asteroids and Instancing Modeling Ryan Dowlingsoka SOP instance
Painting with polygons Rendering odForce VOP -
Ptex workflow Rendering 3dTuts SHOP texturing
Houdini Attributes General prof Wiz none attributes list
Symmetry Modeling Peter Quint SOP mirror clip
Distance Vop ? How to get one maximun distance ? General Side Effects Forum VOP point cloud while if pcfarthest
Pattern Animation Effects N. Joseph Burnette SOP renderman
Level of Detail ( l-system ) Rendering N. Joseph Burnette ROP rib lsystem instance renderman
Cloth Shader Rendering N. Joseph Burnette none -
Renderman Workflows Rendering N. Joseph Burnette ROP -
Simple Electric Arc Effect made with Volumes Effects Andrew Schneider SOP centroid
The Science of Fluid Sims Technical Papers Fxguide none -
Render Passes Rendering N. Joseph Burnette ROP -
Art of Destruction (or Art of Blowing Crap Up) Technical Papers Fxguide none -
the colorpicker tutorial General Manuel Tausch SOP -
the Foreach SOP General Manuel Tausch SOP -
Naiad Scene Test Rendering Slayerk SHOP -
Velocity Sculpting Dynamics Taikomatsu DOP -
Particle Mesh Breaking Effects Taikomatsu POP -
Recursive Network Effects Taikomatsu POP -
SWANN Displacement Challenge Rendering odForce SHOP -
Unofficial Displacement Rendering Challenge Rendering odForce SHOP -
Dream Giver Press Side Effects none -
Webinar: Houdini in Games General Side Effects none asset
Steering Behaviors For Autonomous Characters Technical Papers Craig W.Reynolds none flocking
Pyroclastic Noise Demystified (5 pages) Effects odForce VOP -
Glass Ice Animation Dynamics Peter Quint DOP -
Smoke Bomb Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
Flocking Systems Effects cmiVFX POP tag
Flames Effects Side Effects DOP tag
Cloth self shadowing Dynamics ihoudini SOP -
Growth and L-Systems Modeling ihoudini none lsystem
Multi segement motion blur with particles Effects ihoudini VOP deformation blur
Dijkstra pathfinding with python. Dev ihoudini SOP -
On the Spot: Power User Tips and Techniques General Craig Zerouni none -
Controlled Discrete Streams: The Abstraction of Particle Emission Effects Georg Duemlein POP modulo rand
Contained Fluids - Andrew Lyons Effects Side Effects none tag
Image-driven Animation Animation Kam Wong VOP -
Particle and Metaball Effects Kam Wong POP -
POP Network and Particle Rendering Effects Kam Wong POP -
Varying Materials Using A Single Shader Rendering Geneome SHOP -
Rigid Body Dynamics I & II Dynamics Kam Wong DOP -
Create a Red Blood Cell Modeling AIworks SOP -
Procedural Lighting Field Effects Cg-Masters SOP -
Particle Exercise I & II Effects AppleShakeGuru POP -
How To Turn Particles Into Geometry Effects AppleShakeGuru POP -
The Matrix Ripple and Other Uses Dynamics AppleShakeGuru DOP -
Simple Modeling of a Chair Modeling AppleShakeGuru SOP -
Human Ark Lost Town of Switez Press Side Effects none -
Compositing I & II Compositing Peter Quint COP -
Import Tracking Data General Al Curatolo none -
Wire to RBD feedback in DOPs Dynamics ihoudini DOP -
Growing Objects Dynamics ihoudini VOP point cloud
PBR fun Rendering ihoudini ROP -
Selection General Peter Quint none -
Cloth and wind resistance Dynamics ihoudini DOP -
Coordinate Systems General Peter Quint SHOP -
Particle motion blur again and some point cloud lighting Effects ihoudini SHOP point cloud sparks
Cat Character Chumbuk none fur
Exporting Light Passes Rendering Peter Quint ROP -
Wire solver and wire deformer Dynamics ihoudini SOP -
Wear Shader I & II Rendering ihoudini SHOP -
Glow I & II Rendering Peter Quint COP -
Wormie wire solver things Dynamics ihoudini DOP -
Snapping Wires Dynamics ihoudini DOP -
Illuminance Loop Rendering Peter Quint SHOP -
Fatcap Revisited Effects Georg Duemlein SOP bone pop
Recursively Subdivides a Polygon Modeling Georg Duemlein SOP -
A Meditation in Houdini’s foreachSOP Modeling Georg Duemlein SOP -
The kuler RSS: Accessing a Webservice from a HDA Dev Georg Duemlein SOP -
Motion Blur I & II Rendering Peter Quint ROP -
Poor Man's Circle Packing Modeling Georg Duemlein SOP opinput
Zdepth Passes Rendering Peter Quint ROP -
Image Planes ( 6 articles ) Rendering Geneome VOP -
Creating a Python Operator Dev Georg Duemlein SOP Lorenz OTL
Tips on Organizing Operators General Geneome none -
Sprites On Points Digital Assest Rendering Geneome POP -
Constraining Cloth To a Bar I & II Dynamics Geneome DOP -
Shader Writing Dev Jan Walter SHOP -
Cloth Intro And Exporting Simulations Dynamics Geneome DOP -
Audio-driven Animation Animation Kam Wong CHOP -
COPY with variations Modeling Kam Wong SOP -
What is “procedural”? General Kam Wong none -
Getting Start with Houdini General Kam Wong none -
Interface Basics ( 12 articles ) General AIworks none -
Masterclass: On Fire Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
Python Snippet to Convert Point Group to Edge Group Dev AIworks SOP -
Volumes I & II Rendering Booyabase VOP -
Millions of Particles I & II Effects Peter Quint POP -
Workshop 10 : L-system Modeling Kam Wong SOP -
Procedural Animation Iteration and Recursion Animation Kam Wong SOP -
Sweep Your Profiles Smart Modeling AIworks SOP -
Orient Point Normals Ouside Sphere Modeling AIworks none tag
Use Copy Stamping Instead of Foreach Modeling AIworks SOP -
A Line With Zero or More Points Modeling AIworks SOP digital assets
Rays Normals Modeling Side Effects SOP -
Use Point Node to Orient Copied Geometry (+ python code) Modeling AIworks SOP python
Breaking Text Into Letters / Groups (+ python code) Modeling AIworks SOP python
One Unit Displacement Rendering AIworks SHOP -
Creating a Simplest Shader Rendering AIworks SHOP -
Create Particle Fluid Dynamics AIworks DOP -
Creating a New Shader Rendering AIworks SHOP -
l-systems - Turtle Commands Modeling AIworks SOP -
Hard Shading with Facet and Edge Cusp Rendering AIworks SOP -
l-system - Quick Start by Example Modeling AIworks SOP -
Set-up Basic Render Rendering AIworks ROP -
Fade in / Fade out Effect Compositing AIworks COP -
Masterclass: Crumpling and Tearing Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
Create VOP Network with Python Dev AIworks VOP tag
Quick Dive into VOP SOPS General AIworks VOP -
Masterclass: Distributed Simulations Dynamics Side Effects ROP -
Volumetric Methods in Visual Effects (SIGGRAPH 2010 course) Technical Papers unknown none -
Resize Smoke Box with Object Dynamics Side Effects none tag
Applying agregation over 3D surfaces Technical Papers Michael Cashmore none -
Digital Assets General Peter Quint SOP -
Image Viewer: MPlay's Compare Images Rendering Side Effects none -
Intro to Rendering Rendering Cg-Masters ROP -
Zbrush Rendering Peter Quint SHOP displacement normal
Introduction to Procedural Animation and Shading Animation Cg-Masters SHOP -
Procedural Rock Field Creation Modeling Cg-Masters SOP SHOP
Introduction to Visual Effect Effects Cg-Masters POP -
Fluid Transform I & II Dynamics Peter Quint DOP popsolver
Shader Interface Design Rendering Cg-Masters SHOP -
Basic Lighting and Rendering Rendering Side Effects ROP takes pbr hdri
Facture Keyframe Dynamics Peter Quint DOP -
Python Implentation and Workflow Benefits Dev Simon Pate none tag
Flying Letters I & II Effects Peter Quint POP -
Destruction General Cadran FX DOP -
Depth of Field Rendering Peter Quint ROP -
Creating a Gas Solver Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
Shading and Rendering in H9 Rendering Side Effects SHOP -
Python Tips and Tricks Dev Side Effects none -
The H9 Python-based Rendering Backend Dev Side Effects none soho
The Power of Houdini's New Shelf Dev Side Effects none tag
Inside Fire (siggraph 2008) Dynamics Side Effects none -
Masterclass : Fluids Technical Evening Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
Masterclass : Python and Houdini 9.5 Dev Side Effects none tag
Masterclass : Implementing Spectral Colors in Mantra Rendering Side Effects SHOP -
Target-Driven Smoke Animation (siggraph 2004) Technical Papers Raanan Fattal & Dani Lischinski none -
Advanced Fluid Simulation Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
Light Instancing Rendering Peter Quint SOP tag
Masterclass: Pyro FX Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
Masterclass: Advanced Tool Building Dev Side Effects none tag
Jam Effects Peter Claes none -
Masterclass: Rendering With Mantra Rendering Side Effects ROP tag
SpeedTree Introduction Modeling cmiVFX none -
FLIP Fluid Winespill Dynamics Peter Quint DOP -
Meteor Effects Miguel Perez POP sprite
Surface Shader I , II , III , IV , update Rendering Peter Quint SHOP -
Krakatoa Shader Effects odForce POP -
Some Particle Test Effects odForce POP -
Polygons I & II Modeling Peter Quint SOP -
UVs I , II , III & IV Modeling Peter Quint SOP -
Creep Tool Line Rotation Modeling Side Effects SOP -
Modeling a soccer ball Modeling Side Effects SOP -
UV Texturing Modeling Side Effects SOP -
Orienting Objects to a Curve Modeling Side Effects SOP -
Surface Operations Modeling Side Effects SOP -
Carve Tool Modeling Side Effects SOP -
Chain Shirt Modeling TomsVfx SOP -
DJ Turntables (Low Detail) Modeling AppleShakeGuru SOP -
Back To Basics General AppleShakeGuru SOP -
Attribute Transfer Effects Side Effects SOP -
Sweep and Skin That Thing Modeling AppleShakeGuru SOP -
Masterclass : Introduction to FLIP Fluids Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
Python in Houdini for Technical Directors Dev Side Effects DOP -
Low Poly Flashlight Modeling AppleShakeGuru SOP -
MasterClass : Python & Houdini 11 Dev Side Effects none -
Dynamic Spreading Fire Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
Creating Procedural Rigs and Controlling Motion Character Digital Tutors CHOP dop motion
L-systems for trees in Houdini Modeling Digital Tutors SOP lsystem
issue 137 Rigid Body Dynamics Dynamics 3DWorld DOP tag
Chuck Close Effect Effects Adam Swaab VOP -
Mercury Rising Effects 3DWorld DOP -
Matrix Bullet Time I , II & III Effects Khermah DOP chop
Pinboard Effect I & II Effects Alvaro Castaneda none -
Auto-Fence asset I & II Modeling Alvaro Castaneda SOP -
Houdini Production Techniques (HOU201) Dynamics Fxphd DOP -
Intro to Houdini (HOU101) Effects Fxphd POP -
Procedural Animation Techniques Animation cmiVFX CHOP -
Filmakademie General Jan Walter none -
Baking and Implementing an Ambient Occlusion Texture Map Rendering 3D-Dave SHOP -
Surface and Displacement shader tutorials Rendering 3D-Dave SHOP -
Interface and Workflow General Gnomon none -
Rigging Character Cadran FX SOP -
MasterClass : Mantra & Houdini 11 Rendering Side Effects ROP -
Procedural Cities Modeling cmiVFX SOP -
The Great Escape II General Cadran FX none tag
The Great Escape I General Cadran FX none tag
Hip Tricks Volume IV Effects cmiVFX none -
Hip Tricks Volume III Effects cmiVFX none -
Hip Tricks Volume II Effects cmiVFX none -
Wireframe Render Rendering Side Effects ROP -
Learning Pyro FX Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
The Wedge ROP Rendering Side Effects ROP -
GO Procedural I , II & III General Side Effects none -
Intro to Pyro FX Dynamics Side Effects none -
Geometry Intersections I & II Modeling Side Effects SOP -
Introduction to Fluid Dynamics Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
VOP COP Raster Depth Discussion Compositing Geneome COP -
Writing a VEX shader I , II , III , IV Rendering Andy Nicholas VOP -
Using dophassubdata To Change Colors Dynamically Dynamics Geneome DOP -
Emitting Particles Using A Bounding Object And Its Normals I , II & III Effects Geneome POP -
Procedural Road Creation I , II & III Modeling cmiVFX SOP -
Shading and Rendering Rendering cmiVFX ROP -
New in Houdini 10 General Digital Tutors none -
Houdini 9 Dynamics Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
Metaball Snow Cover Modeling AIworks SOP -
Close Mirrored Curve Modeling AIworks none -
Transferring Color With Dynamics Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
Background Images Modeling AIworks none tag
Curve Width Attribute Rendering AIworks SOP -
SOP Solver I , II , III & IV Dynamics Peter Quint DOP -
Curves from animation I , II , III , IV Animation Andy Nicholas CHOP -
Use GI / Ambient Rendering Pass Rendering AIworks ROP -
issue 104 Teddy Bear Character 3DWorld none fur
Hip Tricks Volume I Effects cmiVFX none -
Introduction to Houdini 9 General Digital Tutors none -
Getting Started with Digital Assets General Digital Tutors SOP -
Caustic Rendering cmiVFX ROP -
Set-up Basic Composition Network Compositing AIworks COP -
Controlling Fluid Simulations with Custom Fields Technical Papers Peter Claes none tag
Empowering Digital Assets with Python Dev cmiVFX none asset
Simultaneous Music, Animation and Sound Techniques Animation Andew Lowell CHOP -
Combining Procedural Anim and RDB Dynamics Digital Tutors DOP -
Fluid Effect for TD's Dynamics cmiVFX DOP -
Colourmix Dynamics Peter Quint DOP -
Building Generation Modeling cmiVFX SOP -
Test Tube Smoke Dynamics Peter Quint DOP -
Dry Ice Dynamics Peter Quint DOP microsolver
Fundamentals General cmiVFX none -
How to Read a 3×3 Matrix Technical Papers Andy Nicholas none mathematic
Particle Leaves Effects Peter Quint POP -
Intro To Particle Animation Effects cmiVFX POP -
Cheat Sheet General Andy Nicholas none -
Full Compositing I , II , III & IV Compositing Peter Quint COP -
Intro to Procedural Modeling Modeling cmiVFX SOP sweep carve
Introduction to Lighting and Shading for Artists Rendering Cg-Masters ROP -
Rotating Points With a 3×3 Matrix Technical Papers Andy Nicholas none mathematic
Intro to Subsurface Scattering Rendering cmiVFX SHOP -
Smoke And Dust Dynamics cmiVFX DOP -
Caustic I , II & III Rendering Peter Quint ROP -
L-System Essentials I & II Modeling cmiVFX SOP -
Vex Volume I & II Dev cmiVFX VOP -
XML Based Procedural Cities Dev cmiVFX SOP python cop
Introduction to Mantra Rendering Digital Tutors ROP caustic
Introduction to Fluids Dynamics Digital Tutors DOP -
Introduction to Rigging Character Digital Tutors SOP -
Glass / Ice I , II & III Rendering Peter Quint SHOP modeling
Character Capturing with Capture Regions Character Digital Tutors SOP -
Deforming RBDs & again! Effects ihoudini DOP -
Character Capturing using Proximity Character Digital Tutors SOP -
Getting Started with Stereoscopy Rendering Digital Tutors ROP -
Character Control Rig Setup Character Digital Tutors SOP -
Flocking fish Effects odForce VOP -
Algorithmic Botany Technical Papers Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz none l-systems plants
Multiparms General Andy Nicholas none -
Surface From Particles Effects Side Effects POP -
Particle Spray On Waves Effects Side Effects POP -
Python Dev Digital Tutors none -
28 free Lessons General Digital Tutors none -
Creep Tool With Copy Stamping Effects Side Effects SOP -
Feather Ray Lift Effects Side Effects SOP -
Pixar Online Library Technical Papers Pixar none -
issue 134 (Q&A) slide Modeling 3DWorld none normal
issue 125 (Q&A) leafs Effects 3DWorld POP -
issue 137 (Q&A) Vine from particle stream Effects 3DWorld POP -
issue 131 (Q&A) Cloud Effects 3DWorld none -
Masterclass : In-Depth Look at Fur Character Side Effects none -
Character Tools and Workflow Character Side Effects none -
Quadruped Auto Rig Tool Character Side Effects none -
Character Skeleton Building Character Digital Tutors none -
Getting Started with Auto Rigs Character Digital Tutors none -
Intro to Pyro and Smoke Solvers I & II Dynamics Matt Fournier DOP -
Point Normals use in the Copy node General Matt Fournier SOP -
Expressions General Matt Fournier none -
CHOPS Animation I & II Animation Peter Quint CHOP -
User interface General Matt Fournier none -
Crowd Simulation I Character Matt Fournier SOP -
Point Dynamics With CHOPs I & II Animation Side Effects CHOP tag
3Delight Interoperability Rendering cmiVFX ROP -
Webinar Digital Asset General Side Effects none -
The LookUp CHOP Animation Side Effects CHOP driven key Lookup
CHOPs Deforming Geometry I , II & III (old school blog) Animation Side Effects CHOP -
Customising Motion Effects Animation Andy Nicholas CHOP -
Stingray Model Animation Animation Side Effects SOP -
Introduction to CHOPS Animation Side Effects CHOP -
RIO Blue Sky Studio Press Side Effects none cloud asset
SOP Animation Animation Side Effects SOP spring wire chops attractor
Vop Scatter Color General Side Effects VOP tag
HScript Expression General Side Effects none -
Copy Stamping General Side Effects none tag
Takes General Side Effects none -
Interface Lesson General Side Effects none -
For Each I , II & III General Peter Quint SOP for each
Bundles General Peter Quint none -
Parenting General Peter Quint SOP -
Groups General Peter Quint SOP -
Basics Attributes I , II & III General Peter Quint SOP -
Attribute Transfer I & II General Peter Quint SOP sopsolver
Technical Effects Effects 3d Buzz none vop pop
Advanced Character Rigging I & II Character 3d Buzz none tag
Technical Rigging V Character 3d Buzz none -
Technical Rigging I,II,III,IV Character 3d Buzz none -
TD Volume I & II General 3d Buzz none -
H9 Elevator Asset Modeling 3d Buzz SOP asset
H9 Bridge Asset Modeling 3d Buzz SOP asset
H9 Fundamentals General 3d Buzz none base
HDRI Shader Development for Mantra Rendering 3d Buzz SHOP hdri shop
Python Creating Tools Dev 3d Buzz none python
How Do I General 3d Buzz none -
Special Effects II (legacy series) Effects 3d Buzz POP tornado pop
Special Effects I (legacy series) Effects 3d Buzz none expression pop spring
Sneak Peek H6 General 3d Buzz none -
Rigging Introduction (legacy series) Character 3d Buzz none -
Introduction to houdini (legacy series) General 3d Buzz none -
Getting Started with Fur Tools Character Digital Tutors SOP -
Rendering a curve as tube Rendering AIworks SHOP vop shop frontface displacement
Gradual fall objets Dynamics odForce DOP unglue glue modify data rdb state
Fractals and Terrains Effects cmiVFX VOP fractal cloud terrains
Voronoi Dynamic Fracturing Dynamics Digital Tutors SOP voronoi rest shader
Houdini Ocean Toolkit Modeling Digital Tutors SOP tag
Point Instancing Rendering Side Effects SOP instance delay
Painting point probabilities General Side Effects SOP probabilities scatter area sum details
Particles I , II & III Effects Peter Quint POP popevent sprite
Particles smoke I & II Effects Peter Quint DOP multisolver scalar field
Smoke Upres I , II Dynamics Peter Quint DOP wavelet curl temporal noise
basics smoke I , II & III Dynamics Peter Quint DOP -
Sourcing Dynamics Peter Quint DOP pyro smoke
Basics Volumes I , II & III Effects Peter Quint SOP volume VOP smoke
Avalanche Previsualization Dynamics Side Effects DOP -
Fundamentals of Rigid Body Dynamics Dynamics Digital Tutors DOP -
Introduction to Dynamics Dynamics Digital Tutors DOP sprite wire fur
ubershader -H11 Dev odForce SHOP -
Procedural Text Animation Animation Adam Swaab CHOP foreach
CHOPS and Music Driven Animation I , II & III Animation Peter Quint CHOP -
Point Clouds I & II Rendering Peter Quint VOP pcopen pciterate pcimport shop point cloud
PBR snack Rendering odForce ROP sampling
Materials in H11 I & II Rendering Peter Quint SHOP Surface Builder material
Lighting in H11 I , II Rendering Peter Quint SOP -
Principes of digital images synthesis Technical Papers Andrew Glassner none -
Houdini Training General Digital Cinema Arts none -
PBR I , II , III , IV Rendering Peter Quint ROP -
Global Illumination I , II , III & IV Rendering Peter Quint ROP photon irradiance ambiant occlusion
Basics : Mantra Rendering Peter Quint ROP dice displacement
Tree delayed load Modeling Andy Boyd SOP l-system uv rendering
Paint with Point Cloud vop General odForce VOP point cloud iterate while loop
Power Plant Modeling 3dtotal - Rohan Dalvi SOP tree
Lsystem Trees Modeling Side Effects SOP -
Point cloud presentation Technical Papers Side Effects none point cloud
Ink Water Effects odForce DOP velocity fields, advect POP
Microfacet Models for Refraction throught rough surface Technical Papers unknown none -
Pulverize Effect Effects Alvaro Castaneda SOP particle cookie
Particle flow on surface Effects odForce POP flow creep particle
Waves Effects Khermah CHOP vop
Trails Effects Khermah SOP trails vop curves
Replicators I II & III Effects Khermah SOP vop
Paper Simulation Effects ihoudini DOP cloth wedge rop
Time Effects Peter Quint SOP timeblend timewarp
We can dance Press Side Effects none fur pbr micropolygon
Discovery Logo Animation Peter Quint CHOP foreach
Turbulent Trails I , II , Refining I , II & Ramps Effects Peter Quint SOP -
Brickwall I , II , III & IV Dynamics Peter Quint DOP active rbd
Bubbles single solver pbr Effects Peter Claes DOP flip hip
Wet Map I , II , III , IV Effects Peter Quint SOP point cloud attribute transfert
Dynamics Spheres Dynamics Peter Quint DOP magnet rdbpoint class connectivity
Webinar Lighting & Rendering Rendering Side Effects SHOP -
Rigid body dynamics Dynamics Gnomon DOP rbd fetch
Clean up Volume Sample/Gradient? Effects odForce POP volume gradient voppop field
low-overhead particle sequence Effects 3DWorld POP particles offset padzerro
RGB lighting using takes Rendering 3DWorld ROP lighting takes
Axis Animation Dead Island Press Side Effects none -
DOPs / Keyframes I, II, III, IV Dynamics Peter Quint DOP keyframe rdbstate
DOPs Forces I, II, III Dynamics Peter Quint DOP force field curve
Working with panes and viewports General Side Effects none viewport pane